Top 7 MetaTrader 4 5 White Label Providers in 2022


The MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester allows you to test multi-currency trading robots that are capable of analyzing multiple currencies and identifying the correlation between them. All trades performed by the tested Expert Advisor can be displayed on a chart. Because so many brokerage firms now allow novices to participate in foreign currency markets, dealers are searching for competitive advantages. Metaquotes is in a difficult position when these statistics are taken into consideration.

  • Establishing your forex brokerage using Gold0i’s WL solution for MetaTrader 4 and MT5 is simple
    and cost-effective.
  • The MetaTrader 4 and its sibling the MetaTrader 5 comfortably top the list of the most innovative, fast and efficient trading platforms in the world.
  • This function is
    primarily used for calculating and paying bonuses and dividends to share
  • It’s also accessible
    and affordable, which is maybe the most crucial factor.
  • It is true that the MT5 has higher configuration needs, it is incompatible with previous signals, robots and tools, and is a bigger headache in terms of IT issues.

You can select and purchase the license type that is more suitable for your business model, current volumes and future development plans.

White Label MT4 vs MT5: An Inside Look

In addition to the outstanding trading functions, MetaTrader 5 incorporates professional technical and fundamental analysis tools for all asset classes supported. The platform ecosystem also equips traders with advanced algorithmic and social trading functionality. Without the need for you to design your own trading platform, you may start a brokerage firm using a White Label solution. All of the benefits of owning the whole platform are still available when using a white label platform, but you will not have to spend
as much money or deal with as many technical concerns as you would if you used a full server. Finally, if you want to start a competitive forex brokerage, you might consider developing a WL solution for MetaTrader 4/5. MetaTrader 5 is based on a distributed architecture, where different functions are performed on different servers.

However, many reputable Forex Brokers and White Label providers are reluctant to purchase new licenses. The same is true for traders, who are reluctant to abandon the programming language that they have become accustomed to. The MetaTrader 4 and its sister the MetaTrader 5 easily top the list of the most creative, quick, and efficient trading platforms in the world. Both are built by MetaQuotes, a firm that is a world-class leader when it comes to the production of trading solutions and trading software for brokers.

What are the advantages of cooperation with TradeToolsFX?

With MetaTrader 5 you can organize comprehensive brokerage services in a variety of financial markets including Forex, stock exchange and Futures markets. Data exchange between the system components is performed over an encrypted connection. Built-in advanced authentication and authorization systems provide complete protection of trade accounts.

metatrader 5 white label

The platform infrastructure provides for access permissions of different levels (for example, you can assign senior dealers, dealers, risk managers, etc). MetaTrader 5 also supports multi-dealer operations for different client groups and market segments, and provides full operative control of all open positions, orders, incoming requests and more. The MetaTrader 5 platform provides a specialized MQL5 development environment for algorithmic trading. MQL5 IDE enables traders and programmers with any skill level to develop, debug, test, and optimize trading robots.

White label metatrader 5 (MT – start a business from scratch!

The traditional scheme of brokerage with the use of a single margin account, based on the most popular clients’ base currency. This scheme works with small volatility risks on basic fiat currencies, but has a huge volatility risk with crypto and exotic currencies. In a multicurrency nominated margin account model the broker needs to control the equity on all his margin accounts in order to provide execution for all his clients.

Top 7 MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Providers in 2022 – Finextra

Top 7 MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Providers in 2022.

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Help your business grow faster by adding proprietary tools and complementary bundles. Zenfinex’s White Label program has been developed to support any business in providing all they need to run a successful operation within the brokerage world. Nimble Markets can either create an all-inclusive solution such as bridge and liquidity to an existing MetaTrader network, or a White Label solution utilising our existing global server network. Due to the T4B solution, new brokers will be able to operate their businesses with the least amount of capital feasible. A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place. We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations.

White Label MetaTrader 5

Zenfinex Global LLC is a company registered with the Financial Services Authority in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under registered number 138 LLC 2019. Its registered office is metatrader 5 white label Hinds Building, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The web platform also supports an additional enhanced protection method through the use of two-factor authentication.

metatrader 5 white label

Despite not being compatible between them, the MT4 and the MT5 combined are definitely the most popular platforms in the trading world by far. One could however refer to their primary drawback as well, which is the fact that largely their main version is still their desktop version that one needs to install on their computer. Though it comes packed with options for additional plugins, many traders prefer other options that do not entail downloading and would rather trade on the go or from a smart device. Since they are written in the C++ programming language, the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms cannot be easily decompiled or hacked. This decision also enabled MetaQuotes to develop an enterprise version of its system that each broker can install on this premises and manage it on their own. Those brokers who take on this option, gain maximum flexibility and through the installation of various plugins and by obtaining the full administrator configuration rights, they can safeguard their client’s data on their own server.

Top 7 MetaTrader 4/5 White Label Providers in 2022

Used globally by Forex, stocks, and futures traders, MT5 is designed for experienced traders as it is integrated with advanced components and numerous add-ons. With MetaTrader 5, your traders are equipped with convenient and powerful trading functionality. The flexible trading system with Market Depth and support for all order types, enables traders to execute any trading strategy on any financial market. The platform provides the netting system for trading exchange instruments and the hedging option for full-fledged Forex trading. The platform offers advanced financial trading functions, as well as superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

metatrader 5 white label


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