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Bioflx Crowns are the world’s first flexible, durable, self-adaptable and esthetic pre-formed pediatric crowns which offer properties of both stainless steel crowns and zirconia crowns.  Designed and invented by a Pediatric dentist from India, offers a smart solution to do pediatric tooth colored crowns. They are ideal full coverage restoration and a dream crown of every pediatric dentist. They are the next generation of pediatric esthetic crowns.


Why Bioflx Crowns are the best

  • Flexi fit

    Kids-e-crown Snug fit of the crown provides better retention. Flexi fit offers conservative tooth preparation.

  • Esthetic

    Natural monochromatic tooth colored crowns which can mask discoloration of arrested caries.

  • Self adapt technology

    The crowns bend at the area of high occlusion and self-adapt to new occlusion

  • Radio-opaque

    The crown borders are radio opaque and walls look radio lucent in the radiograph making the evaluation of direct and indirect pulp capping possible.

  • Durable

    Good abrasion resistance and load bearing capacity. 

  • Rough cementing surface

    The inner surface is sand blasted for better retention.

  • Esthetic Laser marking

    Clinically the laser marking is not visible as it is done on cementing surface and looks natural in patience oral cavity.

clinical techniques

Anterior Technique

Posterior Technique


Common Queries

What material is Bioflx made up of?

Bioflx crown is made up of high impact hybrid resin polymer used in the medical field requiring high strength, flexibility and durability. They are metal and Bis-GMA free.

Can I Crimp, Contour & Trim the crown?

You can Trim & Contour with Howes Plier but not Crimp.

What is the fit of the crown?

The crown is not passive fit like zirconia and not active as Stainless Steel crowns. It is in between both crowns known as a snug fit.

Can I do Halls technique with Bioflx crowns?

No, you need to check occlusion before cementation. You cannot keep the crown high occlusally.

Can I reduce the height of the crown?

Diamond burs can be used to reduce & feather the crown margin. It is important to use a lightintermitent touch and a continuous water spray. Zirconia polishing burs should be used following any adjustments.

Can I tell the patient to bite on a cotton roll while cementing the crown?

Yes, the patient can be asked to bite on a cotton roll while cementing the crown.

Can the crown be crimped like stainless steel crown ?

No they can’t be crimped