Sales Policy


The Users may place the order for purchasing such products displayed for sale on the Website and this order of the User shall be processed by Kids-e-Dental LLP and its affiliates as per its internal rules, policies and practice, including but not limited to what is stated along with the display of the products on the Website, as visible to the User. The User agrees and accepts that in order to successfully place an order through this Website, he/she is required to follow all the steps as detailed along with the display of the products on the Website which shall also include

(i)Using the required mode of payment facility i.e. ‘credit/debit card’ or ‘net-banking’

(ii)Submitting the correct personal details viz. full description of the address wherein the products shall be delivered, contact numbers, e-mail address etc.

The User agrees that any authorized representative of Kids-e-Dental LLP and its affiliates or its distributor  who has listed the said products (ordered by the User) on the Website may contact via telephone the User prior to the delivery of the product for the purpose of confirmation of the address or otherwise. The User agrees to attend to such phone calls and co-operate with such individuals with respect to such delivery.


The price of the products listed on the Website and as displayed on the Website, along with the replacement and refund policies, modes of payment available etc., have been solely and absolutely decided and put up by Kids-e-Dental LLP and its affiliates and the same are absolute and non-negotiable.


We deliver the order to PAN India within 1 to 20 working days and for international order 4 to 90 working days


The Users may place their orders for cancellation of the products within 7 days from the date of placing the order, by following the instructions as have been stated visibly along with the display of the products on the Website or by contacting the helpdesk  at the e-mail id:

Pursuant to the ‘Ordering’ clause hereinabove, if the User is not present to accept the delivery of the products at the specified address stated while ordering and/or fails to respond to the telephone calls made by such authorized representative prior to the delivery, shall be deemed by Kids-e-Dental LLP and its affiliates to be the cancellation of the of the order by the User.


After completion of the delivery of the products, subject to the necessary provisions on the Website specified with respect to such products individually and particularly, the User may apply through the Website for the replacement of such products (provided they are in good working condition) with similar products by providing the reason(s) for the same, within such number of days as specified with respect to such products on the Website. Upon receiving such application for replacement, Kids-e-Dental LLP and its affiliates shall arrange for such facilities for replacing the products accordingly within 7 days, through its authorized representative. In the event any further payment required to be made on account of delivery charges or replacement benefit charges, then the same shall be payable by the User to Kids-e-Dental LLP and its affiliates through such authorized representative.


Upon delivery of damaged products or wrongful delivery of products, the User may return the products by contacting Kids-e-Dental LLP and its affiliates/ the distributor of the products and obtaining the refund of the entire consideration or part of the consideration paid by the User for such products, as per the refund facility made available on such products, if any, on case to case basis.


Through this website –, Kids-e-Dental LLP (“seller”) is engaged in marketing and selling of dental products and equipments, via online/e-commerce medium and via its distribution channels. The website also disseminates information relevant to the said products and equipments.

KIDS-E-DENTAL LLP DOES NOT WARRANT SPECIFICATIONS, TOLERANCES, SUITABILITY, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR ANY OTHER ASPECT OF ANY PRODUCT BEING SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE. In the event of product defect or failure, Kids-e-Dental LLP liability shall not exceed the cost of the product when purchased from Kids-e-Dental LLP, by a user of this website/customer. It should be noted that “labor” or other incidental costs, are never warranted by Kids-e-Dental LLP or its manufacturers, in the event of product failure. IN NO CASE SHALL KIDS-E-DENTAL LLP BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OF PROFITS, EVENT IF IT HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY THEREOF.