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e-SDF is an anti-microbial and re-mineralizing liquid clinically applied to control and arrest active dental caries and to stop hypersensitivity. It is a safe, painless alternative to traditional cavity drilling procedures with the Power of Silver and Fluoride. Silver acts as an antimicrobial agent that simultaneously strengthens the dentin. Fluoride is the active ingredient that puts a stop to tooth decay by re mineralising and helps prevent additional decay from appearing.


  • Prevent and arrest caries
  • Control hypersensitivity
  • Caries indicator die
  • Indirect pulp capping agent
  • Used in medically compromised patients, un cooperative and special children
  • Used in difficult to reach lesion like root caries
  • Used in dental camps and rural areas


Reason to change to e-SDF®

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    Easy to use

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    No aerosol

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How is it used?



Common Queries

What are the contra indications for use e-SDF?

Do not use in patients with silver allergy, oral ulcerations or canker sores, advanced gum disease. These conditions can have painful reactions with the ammonia in SDF

What are the side effects of use of e-SDF?

The only common side effect is black staining around the area where SDF is applied. SDF can also stain surfaces that it comes into contact with when being applied, such as clothing or nearby tissues in the mouth.

When one should use e-SDF?

The following are the indications to use e-SDF:

  • Non-symptomatic carious lesion (Arresting and preventing caries)
  • carious lesions that cannot be treated in 1 visit
  • Root caries
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Difficult to treat lesions
  • Patients with special health care needs, severe dental phobia, high-risk conditions, and immune-compromised patients
  • Patients without access to traditional dental care
  • Patients not indicated for general anesthesia or oral sedation

What are the Precautions for Handling?

Use Gloves while Handling the Liquid.

It will stain skin, clothes, countertops, floors, and instruments brown or black. Refer to the following for stain removal:

For skin: Wash immediately with water, soap, ammonia, or iodine tincture, and then rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use excessive methods in an attempt to remove difficult stains from the skin as the stains will eventually fade.

For Clothing/Countertops/Floors/Instruments: use the same procedures as with stained skin. Difficult stains may be treated with sodium hypochlorite.

How should you store e-SDF?

  • Store in the original packaging in a cool, dark place.
  • Replace cap immediately after use
  • Use as soon as dispensed

How much can you use?

  • 1drop/10kg per visit.
  • Re-apply at intervals of 3 to 6 months depending on the oral hygiene of the patient.

How deep does it Penetrate?

  • 25-30 microns into the enamel
  • 200-300 microns into dentine
  • Upto 2mm into the deep lesion