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Kids-e-crown® are the first pre-formed smart pediatric crown in the world. It was designed by a pediatric dentist who drew on dentists’ perspectives and clinical experience worldwide. Kids-e-crown® is a patented, research-based product that is made using the best technologies available. They’re anatomically correct, thinner, biocompatible, and long-lasting. It can be distressing to know that a child has severe tooth decay and need crowns. However, knowing that the child’s teeth can be restored with natural-looking, biocompatible, state-of-the-art zirconia crowns will set your mind at ease.


Why Kids-e-Crown® is best

  • Biocompatible and Natural Appearance

    Kids-e-crown® uses the best quality zirconia available having the highest biocompatibility which induces excellent gingival healing and maximizes aesthetics.

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  • Easy to Fit

    Only brand of pediatric zirconia crown with thin uniform axial surface help clinicians for lesser tooth Reduction.

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  • Narrow Crowns

    Strategically made mid-size narrow crowns helps in space loss cases and adjacent crown cases

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  • Better Retention

    Micro mechanical locks present on the cementing surface

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  • More Resilient in Occlusal Forces

    Unique posterior Design with flat Occlusal surface for better fit and faster preparation

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  • Universal Anteriors

    Universal Anterior for a perfect look, less confusion during cementation, and reduced inventory.

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  • Smart Labelling

    Posterior have permanently embossed marking and anteriors have laser marking on lingual side

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clinical techniques

Anterior Technique

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Posterior Technique

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Common Queries

Can we sterilize Kids-e-crown?

Cold sterilization, autoclave or steam sterilization are all acceptable methods.

Can we alter Kids-e-crowns?

We do not recommend making any changes to Kids-e-Crown. However, if necessary, you can make minor adjustments with zirconia adjustment burs with light hands in the presence of continuous water spray. Polish the crown after the adjustments

What kind of cement do you suggest?

It’s best to use a standard Glass Ionomer Cement that sets quickly.

What is a narrow crown?

Narrow crowns are mid-size crowns with bucco-lingual more dimension.Used in space loss cases or adjacent crown cases. It has a similar shape like a stainless steel crown which squeezed with howe plier on proximal surface.

Can I reduce the height of the crown?

Diamond burs can be used to reduce & feather the crown margin. It is important to use a lightintermitent touch and a continuous water spray. Zirconia polishing burs should be used following any adjustments.

Do you provide try-in crowns?

No, we do not provide and do not recommend try-in crowns, since they are an additional liability and dead inventory to manage. Instead you can select the crown by placing them on the target tooth and the ones which do not fit can be cleaned off with alochol and sterilised in an autoclave and reused again.

Can the crown be crimped like stainless steel crown ?

No they can’t be crimped