e-MTA Sealer

e-MTA Sealer

e-MTA Sealer

e-MTA sealer is a pre-mixed bio-ceramic, insoluble, and bioactive sealer consisting of very fine hydrophilic particles of several mineral oxides.


Dental Procedure

In Primary teeth:
  • Pulp capping
  • Pulpotomy
  • Root canal filling
  • Furcation perforation repair
  • Resorption repair
In Permanent teeth:
  • Pulp capping
  • Partial pulpotomy
  • Perforation repair
  • Resorption repair
  • Repair of fracture
  • Root end filling
  • Regenerative endodontics
e-MTA Sealer


Benefits of e-MTA Sealer

benefits e-MTA Sealer


Features of e-MTA Sealer

    • Biocompatible and bio-active sealer that promotes healing.
    • It is a ready-to-use formula designed to be placed instantly fostering zero wastage.
    • Embodies a pH that is optimal for healing.
    • Its low solubility amplifies a remarkable seal.
    ealer Feature


Common Queries

What is e-MTA sealer?

-e-MTA sealer is a premixed bioactive bioceramic endodontic sealer consisting of an extremely fine, inorganic powder of tricalcium/dicalcium silicate. The product is packaged ready-to-use.

What is difference between e-MTA putty and e-MTA sealer?

– e-MTA putty is ready to use MTA cement which has all indications of MTA cement like apexification, pulp capping, pulpotomy, furcation repair and root resorption repair. Whereas e-MTA sealer is a root canal sealer with flowable consistency used along with Gutta purcha points in endodontic treatment of permanent teeth.

Do I need to completely dry the canals before applying e-MTA sealer?

-NO. Moisture is required for setting of the sealer, supplied by the dentinal tubules and apical tissues. Clean & shape the canals and remove the smear layer. Remove pooled irrigants or excessive moisture from surrounding tissues with absorbent points.

Why is e-MTA sealer a bio-ceramic?

-e-MTA sealer releases calcium and hydroxide ions from the MTA, promoting hydroxyapatite (HA) formation on the MTA surfaces to enhance sealing and support healing. It resin-free for maximum bioactivity. Zirconium oxide as a radio-opacifier makes it bioactive and non-staining.

What is the working time and setting time?

-Working time is 30-40 minutes. Setting starts as soon as the material gets moisture. Setting time is 9-11 hours.

Can the e-MTA sealer be removed for re-retreatment?

Use conventional instrumentation, including hand/rotary files and ultrasonic instrument tips, to remove the sealer if it was placed with one or more gutta percha points.

How to store the product?

-Keep the syringe in the aluminum pouch in cool dry place. Do not refrigerate.

What is shelf life of the product?

-2 years from date of manufacturing.