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Mineral trioxide aggregate (e-MTA) is a bioactive cement made up of extremely small hydrophilic particles of several mineral oxides. It is better protection for vital pulp therapy which promotes precipitation of Calcium Phosphate and promotes dentinal bridging and forms an impeccable seal that promotes healing response. Because of the ultrafine-grained powder, e-MTA has a smoother consistency and is easier to apply.


Dental Procedure

In Primary teeth:
  • Pulp capping
  • Pulpotomy
  • Root canal filling
  • Furcation perforation repair
  • Resorption repair
In Permanent teeth:
  • Pulp capping
  • Partial pulpotomy
  • Perforation repair
  • Resorption repair
  • Repair of fracture
  • Root end filling
  • Regenerative endodontics


Benefits of e-MTA®

  • Bio-Active
  • Stain free
  • Washout Resistant
  • Quick Setting
  • Smart Packaging
  • Gel Based Technology


Features of e-MTA®

    • Compositionally formulated for Quick setting and washout resistance with antimicrobial properties.
    • Effective regeneration and biomineralization for both primary and permanent teeth.
    • Smoother consistency due to the ultrafine-grained powder
    • Comes in smart packaging tubes for ease of handling and storage.
    E crown

Schematic representation of e-mta pulpotomy in primary & adult teeth



Common Queries

What is MTA?

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) is a bioactive cement used in a wide range of clinical applications. MTA is one of the most advanced materials of this century in the dentistry field. It is used for apexification, perforation repairs, apexogenesis, regenerative procedures, pulp capping, and pulpotomies.

How do I mix e-MTA?

On a glass slab or mixing pad, wet the powder by gently mixing the powder with liquid in ratio 3:1 with the help of a spatula until all the powder has been hydrated and mix for approximately 30 seconds.

Why two bottles of gel and liquid?

Liquid is distilled water use to get sand mix Gel is used to get a putty mix

How do I place e-MTA?

Once the mixture is prepared, immediately load it in an e-MTA Carrier or other suitable alternative and place it at the operative site.

What are the precautions for using e-MTA?

The mixture should be applied immediately after preparing the mixture to avoid dehydration of the mixture.

What are all the instructions for the storage of e-MTA?

  • Store in the original packaging in a dry place.
  • Replace cap immediately after use

What are some advantages of e-MTA?

Biocompatibility, Hydrophilic, Excellent sealing, and low solubility.