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1.Self-Adhesive Technology:
* Eliminates etching and bonding procedures.
* Self-etching properties with chemical adhesion.
2. Sustained Fluoride Retease:
* Promotes antimicrobial and anticaries activity.
3. Ease of Placement:
* Carefully balanced viscosity for easy
and convenient placement.
* Highly thixotropic, stays neatly in place, and holds its shape.
4 Durabte and Versatie
* Demonstrates physical performance similar to regular
GIC material.
* Provides a smooth and esthetic finish.
Kids-e-Restore is a self-adhesive, light-cured, flowable, and ready-to-use-resin-reinforce ionomer restorative

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1 pack - e-pit & Fissure selant (Net wt.1.2gms)



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