Second Molar Master Kit

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Total 32 crowns

EUR/A 2,3N,3,4N,4,5N,5,6- 1 unit each

EUL/J 2,3N,3,4N,4,5N,5,6-1 unit

EDLR/T 2,3N,3,4N,4,5N,5,6-1 unit

ELL/K 2,3N,3,4N,4,5N,5,6-1 unit

  • Occlusal Flat Surface : Easy and fast to prepare with more stability and high stress bearing potential.
  • Uniform Axial Thickness : Lesser tooth reduction axially.
  • Strategic sizing : Narrow and mid size crowns help in space loss and adjacent crown cases with minimal preparation.
  • High Adhesion : Sand blasted surface along with retentive micro- mechanical boxes helps to enhance mechanical adhesion
  • Natural Look : Kids-e-crowns are specifically designed to give a natural look with colour, translucency and contours on the crown
  • Smart Labelling : Permanently embossed tooth number and size marking.

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